Sometimes life is like playing a game of cards with a group of friends only to be dealt (time and time again) with the worse set of cards. Understanding that old saying “Play the Cards You’re Dealt” can help you turn a seemingly losing hand into a winner.

I am not much of a card player; but, I know that circumstances in life are like a card game. The next time life deals you a lousy set of cards – I suggest you reframe your mind and begin with the one card you believe can change your coarse. Or as the much regarded Catholic Nun and artist – Sister Corita Kent would say: “Find a place you trust and then try trusting it for a while.” 

A visual way to look at this is imagining that one card, the thing you have available to you is a domino. And with that domino, you can begin an ever-growing sequence of success. That card is in your hand; it’s your gift to create, the domino effect is real, and so is your power to create!!

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