The Power of Creation

Each of us has “THE POWER OF CREATION” within our being. We have learned that from the Stoics, great philosophers, amazing inventors and persistent creators who continue to expand our imaginations and show us the possibilities that is essential to unlocking your power of creation.

Let’s start at the beginning and ask the QUESTion: How to start?

Starting can be the hardest part of any goal. It seems straightforward: learn “X” and accomplish “Y.” It can be that simple. But what about the middle, getting from “X” to “Y.” Or what about getting started? That’s where I have begun and ended many of my quests.

One can come up with an ideal idea, begin to ask questions, research, question some more and somewhere in the process feel discouraged and give up.

Instead of giving up, ask yourself: “Why am I on this quest?

At times my quest were provoked by a: “I will show you!!” response.

For example, one of my insecurities was based on a need to feel needed. I wanted the feeling of importance, and many of my journeys from “X” to “Y” never came to fruition. Basing my “Y” on my insecurities and reasonings through a filter of how I wanted people to see me, left me in a cycle of looking in the wrong direction.

Often times our insecurities are based on our definition of “love.” How we define love (not the romantic type) will significantly impact how we define ourselves.

There is a difference between life based on “this” will get me the love I need, versus a journey that is truly connected to your passion, fulfilling your dreams and understanding your curiosities.

Empowering yourself with the awareness of “why you love … ” will maximize your potential and ultimately connect you to your Power of Creation.

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